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Seung Ha is a South Korean singer. She is a former member of the girl group BaBa (2017-2018)

Name: Seung Ha 
Native name: 채승하
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: April 4, 2000
Age: 20

Husband Friend (2021)

Taming The Sister-in-Law (2021)

Hyeon-soo's younger brother Kang-tae visits the house of Hyeon-soo and Min-jeong, who are enjoying their honeymoon. Min-jeong is in favor of a kind Kang-tae. Kang-tae consults his junior, Na-hee, that he seems to like his sister-in-law. Na-hee says to get over himself, but Kang-tae actively seduces Min-jeong...

Sex Gwui – Crazy For Sex (2020)

Lim Seon-gyun lives and works at a pension located in an isolated remote location. Something suspicious and grotesque happens in this lonely house where girlfriend Oh Yoo-min is not looking for a single guest except for coming to play. The twin virgin ghosts and bachelor ghosts who lived in this house without having had sex declared war with the couple Sun-gyun and Yu-min. The purpose of the ghosts is to release Han, who has died unjustly after not having sex once in his life, to Sun-gyun and Yu-min.

Overtime – the private life of a female manager (2020)

Jaehun works as a designer for an underwear company. Hyejeong and an in-house couple work at the same workplace. One day, Jae-hoon’s boss, Bo-yeon, calls Jae-hoon home as an excuse for work.

Invited Delivery Man (2020)

Sexually lustful pizza delivery woman, Seung-ha VS customer who wants to swap, Yoon-yool
The Hye-jin couple, who advocate free sex, point to the pizza delivery man Ji-yeong and Dal-soo as partners to enjoy with them, and execute an erotic operation. When Ji-yeong arrives, Hye-jin’s husband shows off his erection, and when Dal-soo arrives, he seduces her with his chest and erotic poses. During the delivery, Ji-yeong witnesses Hye-jin and Jeong-woo, a Chinese restaurant delivery man, having a love affair at the entrance of an apartment…

Last Sister Class (2021)


Blood Type O Watermelon Breast Maid (2021)

New concept housework helper who can’t do housework but comforts the body and mind, where will we release today? Friends Cheol-min and Jae-hyuk, who have met and talked with after a long time. Jaehyuk recently talked about the housekeeper, saying that the housekeeper who came to work at his house is strange, but he said that the housekeeper was worried because he couldn’t do housework such as cleaning or preparing food. Jaehyuk’s words that he is not good at housekeeping but seems to seduce himself with his big breasts and ass, Cheolmin imagines having sex with Jaehyuk and the housekeeper. Feeling frustrated at the words of her, Cheol-min tells the innocent Jae-hyuk a special secret to trick her. Can Jaehyuk succeed in sex with a beautiful housekeeper?

Adultery Alumni Association 3 (2020)

eon-yu reunites with yoon Jung, his first love to return from the United States. Yoon Jung has sex with Yoon-woo while her husband is on a business trip, and Yoon Jung’s husband, Jun Hyuk, finds another man’s body hair in bed and finds the kite. Yoon Jung has been looking for a complex sympathy. They once again have sex and confirm their love…

The Girl With The Breast Milk Vaccine (2020)

Min Yeong used to have a crush on Ji Hoon. However, Ji Hoon sees a picture of Min Yeong’s friend, Na Hee, and begins to ask to be introduced. Min Yeong eventually introduced the two. By the time the relationship between the two matures, Min Yeong continues to regret and visits Ji Hoon to confess her feelings. Ji Hoon, who is quick-witted, accepts Min Yeong. The love story of two friends surrounding a man is just beginning.

My Girlfriend Sisters lumix (2020)

Thousand Year Gumiho (2020)

Male Housekeeper (2020)

Bo Yeon, a lazy housewife, chooses a man to write a government and takes his favorite appearance as a housekeeper. A man who seduces a hoon who does house work one day. On the other hand, we came home after a business trip. Jahoon and Bo Yeon go out and there is no one’s house.

Pretty Mom (2020)

Do-jin must welcome Seung-ha who is nine years older than him as his step-mother. However, he felt that Seung-ha looked like a girl. It’s crazy to call her a woman and to be a mother. Meanwhile, Seung-ha married Do-jin’s father who was quite satisfied with his wealthy life but was always deprived because his father was very weak edily.
Then one day unforeseen things came, Seungha and Dojin were home alone. Do-jin is tired and napping on the sofa with the dream of having ecstatic sex with Seung-ham. When he is awakened and dreams come true.


Swapping, That Dangerous Sex (2020)

Jeong-hyeok happens to meet In-joo, a former karaoke helper in his neighborhood while being bored with his married life with Eun-hye. In-joo sees Jeong-hyeok’s affair and takes advantage of it and asks him for money but Jeong-hyeok seduces her to swapping because he will give her more money. In-joo, who needed travel funds with her lover Woo-seong allows swapping and begins to swap. Embarrassed by his lover’s and husband’s swapping proposal, Woo-seong and Eun-hye are forced to share the swapping. Then Woo-seong and Eun-hye are attracted to each other and they meet secretly.

Knowing Each Other (2020)

A young woman wakes up in a forest and loses all her memory. She was rescued by a south American and taken to a nearby villa. There she was sexually abused by this American countless times. She wanted to escape but she all returned to the mansion and didn’t remember anything. Do you know the American man and what is your relationship with him?

Pet Girl – Secret Helper (2020)

A very cute and lovely maid suddenly appeared to disturb the friendship of two boys. In particular, this maid also listen to whatever she’s hear, like a pet all day long. 

Bikini Bar Delicious Service (2020)

 The Democrats who run the BAR. The shop deposit is too much to do, and the rent is pushed, so the building’s attention is very high. We started a special service with the idea of the Americas, and sales soared from the first day, and the shop was open to customers day after day….

Girlfriends Taste 2 (2020)

Na-hee spends a day with alcohol after parting with her lover, Ji-hoon. Min-yeong knows and tries to take care of Na-hee. However, Na-hee does not forget Ji-hoon, and in fact, Ji-hoon and Min-yeong, who was former partner, have a relationship with Ji-hoon, who came to Na-hee. Na-hee, who is not aware of this fact, contacts Ji-hoon again, asking for forgiveness.

Idol Seungha Fancy Technic (2020)

The brother who works at a local car center appears to be a bad year for his brother, who went up to Seoul as a child, and is so beautiful that the peaceful days are broken by the emergence of his hometown brother who came one day.

Pay for Sex (2020)

As a pickpocket, Hye-bin gets stuck on Seok-gwang's gambling table one day and doesn't realize that those days are the beginning of darker days in her life. Who will survive the last round of gambling? After all the games, Hye-bin steals Seok-gwang's money and runs away.

Young Wife (2020)

Seung-a, who is 21 years old, is more than 10 years old. I am not satisfied with my sex life with my husband, Chan-jun. So she secretly enjoys cheating with other men.

I even had sex with my brother Dong-jun secretly. Meanwhile, Dong-jun suffers from guilt after having sex with his younger brother-in-law Seung-a, but cannot forget about having sex with Seung-a.

Dong-jun starts meeting again with his ex-girlfriend who broke up to erase Seung-ah from his head

My 19 Year Old Sister in Law (2020)

Housewife Dealer (2020)

A beautiful Korean woman visits a quiet rural village.
She will get married to Gil-soo, a divorced man she met at the church. Her outstanding appearance and impeccable charms make Gil-soo rather uneasy, and suspicions that her Korean wife will have something that is going to snowball. It leads to an uncontrollable obsession. The only thing allowed to Ran-ran, who was deprived of her passport, who started saying he couldn't communicate, was the freedom to cook after receiving ingredients from Eon-tae, her brother-in-law who farms the field. Her brother-in-law, who had suffered from his brother's domineering for a long time, falls into the exotic charms of Ran-ran and rapidly approaches.

Sex Girl 2 (2020)

Elementary school friends Min-soo, Woo-hyeon and Ji-yeong are close friends who still hang out with each other even if they're now older. Min-soo likes Ji-yeong but he knows that his best friend, Woo-hyeon, likes Ji-yeong too. He is hesitating to confess. One day, Min-soo who happened to spend the night with Ji-yeong was happy that he told Woo-hyeon that he was going to sleep with Ji-yeong as if nothing happened, and Ji-yeong also thought nothing about it.
The story of three young people agonizing between strong friendship and love is just beginning.

Girlfriends Taste (2020)

Jeong-woo, who is newly married with Na-yeong, is secretly meeting Na-yeong's close sibling, Min-joo. Na-yeong, who is not aware of that fact, is worried that she is alone and tells him that he will introduce a good man to him, but she disappears when she tells him that she does not need a man and tells her not to do unnecessary things. Meanwhile, Na-yeong, who came home, tells this to her husband, Jeong-woo, but Jeong-woo also shows a grim reaction and does not care about it. Then one day, Min-joo visits Na-yeong's newlyweds in surprise, and the three of them fall asleep while drinking happily. While sleeping, Min-joo comes to Jeong-woo and does something amazing.
A fierce love between a close brother and the man of his sister is just beginning.

Dangerous Lesson (2020)

Kang-seo, a prestigious college student who lived as a tutor and a convenience store part-timer received a tutoring request one day. Kang-seo, who was tutoring the gangster's daughter, goes to bed with the gangster's newly remarried wife, and is soon threatened by the gangster.

Relative Brother 2 (2020)

Jua, who lived alone with her stepdad, Haeil, is worried about Her nephew Dojin, who has been living with her for some time now. Then one day, Jua cheats with another woman and asks for sex, and she loses her mind. Jua, who waited impatiently in front of the emergency room, is relieved to hear that dojin’s life is not affected.

Step Mother is Nineteen (2020)

The nineteen-year-old is married to a middle-aged tsunami and is living a leisurely, leisurely life. But for nowadays, tsunami’s vigor is falling sharply and is worrying. Meanwhile, Dojin dreams of having sex with her mother, Seung-ha, after she comes home as a mother. One day, Hail earlier receives a call from his former wife, Mijin, and she decides to continue her relationship with Mijin. However, while Tsunami was having sex with Seung-ha, he made the mistake of calling Mijin’s name. After learning of the tsunami’s affair, Seung-ha decides to leave the house and finally enters Dojin’s room, spewing out a disgruntled libido.

Lodge Money (2020)

New couple Na-ni and Joon-seo left the stuffy Seoul to try and start a cafe in the countryside.  Behind the couple's attempt to change, they had some unspeakable worries, so they were sexless people who used their own rooms because they were not sexually compatible. Regardless of her husband's efforts to establish a relationship, her wife Na-ni has long been on an extramarital affair with her sex partner Dal-ho, who has been embroiled in a hit-and-run accident that she never thought of enjoying sex outdoors and is asked for a large settlement. Na-ni, who has been relying on her husband's financial resources since before marriage, kneels down to his victim Chang-soo and pleads for mercy, but Chang-soo, a farmer, persistently digs into her weaknesses and demands humiliating physical relationships. While Na-ni is falling into a rut for the creation of a rural village, her husband, Joon-seo, who has been complaining about his nervous wife Na-ni these days, is also beginning to open his eyes to her unique sexual orientation due to the charm of young, provocative part-timer Cheong-ah. What is the identity of Chang-soo and Cheong-ah, the farmers who are squeezing these couples, and the fate of those who are entangled like webs?

Sister’s Men (2020)

Chae Seung Ha's Secret Forest (2020)

Na Hee, who lives with Min Yeong, worries about her since she drinks too much alcohol and even stays out overnight once she goes out. Na Hee wakes up Min Yeong and fixes her hair as usual. When Min Yeong left early in the morning due to an urgent matter, Na Hee, who is left alone, spends his own time. If you enjoy masturbation, you will finally be able to have sex in front of Na Hee, who yearns for sex.

My Sister's Idol Trainee Friends (2020)

Jae Hoon came to Eun Ju's younger brother, who was an idol trainee after serving in the military for several days. The house has the same younger trainee friends Hyeon Joo and Yeon Ju who liked the handsome Jae Hoon. As the war between two women to win Jae Hoon begins, Jae Hoon is embarrassed and makes an unconventional offer to Hyeon Joo and Yeon Ju...

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